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Masterclass Details

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Mohammad Azhar

(Impact Investor &Lead – Government & CSR projects, Villgro)

Objective and Workshop Flow

A collaborative workshop from the innovative minds of social startup leaders from Villgro, IIM Calcutta Innovation Park, Startup Oasis and Incubation and Innovation, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur to explore partnerships between CSR and incubators and startups for impact

India is home to 2 million social enterprises that have created an impact on the lives of over 150 million people. Of these, 70% work with socially and economically backward communities. Indian corporations are in a unique position to create an exponential impact on disadvantaged communities by directing some of their CSR contributions towards social enterprises. 

This one-hour intensive workshop will provide actionable insights to leaders in India's CSR community by giving a voice to social entrepreneurs who have overcome the high-risk periods of starting an enterprise to go on to create impact at scale. The outcomes that participants can expect from this workshop are:

  1. Developing a better understanding of the social enterprise model - challenges, support available, and potential for impact
  2. The role played by Incubators in helping social enterprises cross 'the valley of death' and go on to create large scale impact
  3. How Villgro is 'Incubating Incubators' - equipping more incubators with the tools, methodologies, and networks required to create successful social enterprises
  4. How & Why should companies direct part of their CSR contribution towards incubators.

Workshop Facilitators      

  • Team INVENT which has key individuals from IIT Kanpur,  IIM Calcutta Innovation Park & Startup Oasis
  • Mr. Mohammad Azhar: Impact Investor &Lead – Government & CSR project, Villgro