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Masterclass Details

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Bidisha Fouzdar

(Managing Partner, Athena Initiatives)

Objective and Workshop Flow

Leveraging traditional storytelling skills to suit the 4 key channels popular among non-profits, this Masterclass will give you a lowdown on how to begin, improve and maintain the tempo of your digital avatars. If you are someone struggling with non-profit's marketing metrics or would simply like to go beyond number to learn to drive real engagement, this Masterclass is for you. For communications specialists, the session will arm you with real-time tools including guides, templates, and diagrams to help you when you are back at your desks. For non-profit CXOs, this session will tell you how to put your digital presence to work for you, so that it drives results in real terms -- in the form of increasing (not just Likes and Followers), but leads and partnerships.  

About Athena Initiatives

Established in 2017, Athena Initiatives specialises in working with or setting up new brands looking to establish themselves in crowded marketplaces. Run by Jaideep Bhatia, a management enthusiast, and Bidisha Fouzdar, a Marketing Communication specialist, Athena operates as a product development and training entity, working very closely with Founders and CXOs to bring brand concepts to reality.